Project Portfolio and Program Management Service


Building capabilities to deliver strategies and solutions in an agile, value-driven manner

The development and implementation of an organization's product or service is a complex and resource-intensive endeavor. To add to that, the level of disruption and speed of change is adding to the pressure on your ability to execute strategic initiatives in a timely manner. To address these challenges, Neekan Consulting offers Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management (PPM) as a service with a focus on end-to-end execution and value delivery.

Our PPM service includes portfolio management, program management, and project management which helps in prioritizing, managing, and governing project efforts across your organization. The Portfolio and Program Management team at Neekan, enables seamless coordination, innovation, and better decision-making resulting in your success. Our services not only cover full-scale development projects but also include maintenance projects and service management.

How can Neekan help you?

PPM Assessment
We start with your current-state assessment, and gap analysis to identify areas of improvement. We also evaluate your project portfolio capabilities based on the methodologies of your practice, previous project experiences, and industry standards

PPM Design
We work closely with your leadership team to define the project portfolio management goals, strategies, and future state of execution. We then define the right process, operating models (people), and enablers to reach the defined PPM goals and strategies, along with an actionable roadmap.

PPM Implementation
We then create a detailed framework and processes, along with clear roles and responsibilities for portfolio/project management. We also monitor and measure the effectiveness of the implementation to constantly optimize it.


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Align investments with strategic vision


Bridge the gap between strategy and execution


Ramp up/Ramp down as needed

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22+ years of industry experience


Global best practices


Domain expertise

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