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Transition to an automated, agile, and collaborative operational workflow with our DevOps as a Service model. Neekan Consulting is at the helm of delivering bespoke DevOps services, aiding organizations in traversing the complex realm of software development and operations seamlessly.

DevOps Services We Offer

Initiating your shift, our DevOps advisors undertake an in-depth evaluation of your specific needs and assist you in envisaging the potential outcomes. They navigate you through the entirety of the DevOps journey, employing an optimal mix of industry-leading protocols and cutting-edge tools, thereby enhancing both the regularity and dependability of your software rollouts within your enterprise.

DevOps Automation

Automated Code Review:

Our Automated Code Review service leverages sophisticated tools to analyze your code for errors, vulnerabilities, and adherence to coding standards. It ensures high code quality, consistency, and a swift feedback loop, enabling your team to address issues promptly.

Continuous Integration:

Our Continuous Integration service facilitates a seamless integration process where code from different team members is integrated continuously. It accelerates development, improves code quality, and ensures that the integrated code is always in a deployable state, thereby smoothening the workflow.

Infrastructure Automation:

Our Infrastructure Automation service streamlines operational tasks by automating repetitive processes. This helps save time and resources, increases the speed of the process, favouring growth and adaptability, and ensures everything runs smoothly and reliably every time.

devops automation

devops implementation

DevOps Implementation

We provide an end-to-end DevOps implementation to achieve better efficiency, reduced time to market and produce higher quality builds which includes automation of processes, streamlining of delivery pipeline, infrastructure management, orchestration and deployment. Our skilled professionals design and implement an end to end DevOps architecture with the right choice of industrialized tools as per the customer's business needs.

CI/CD Pipeline

We ease the process of integrating new code, making it a smooth to transition from idea to working code while minimizing bugs along the way. Understanding the essence of timing, we ensure your product not only reaches the production stage but does so punctually, all prepped to meet the eager market demands seamlessly.

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Cloud Service Expertise

Leverage the power of major cloud service providers for optimized, resilient, and cost-effective cloud solutions:

We tap into AWS for DevOps to make your workflows a breeze, speed up the whole process, and ensure everything works smoothly across different platforms. Our approach is all about getting the most out of your budget. And our experts are here to guide you, tailoring AWS DevOps solutions to fit your business like a glove, making your development journey feel less like rocket science and more like a walk in the park.


We streamline your workflows with Azure DevOps, speeding up build and deployment cycles to hit the market faster. Our cost-effective approach maximizes your budget while ensuring smooth cross-platform functionality. Guided by experts, we seamlessly integrate Azure DevOps with your business objectives, ensuring a smooth and efficient development journey tailored to your goals.


We help you accelerate your cloud journey leveraging GCP's cutting-edge technologies. GCP facilitates a rapid transition and management of your resources in the cloud, ensuring a smooth operation of your services.


DigitalOcean provides an intuitive environment for managing your cloud infrastructure, making it straightforward to set up, manage, and scale your applications.


DevOps Release Management and Orchestration

With DevOps release management and Orchestration you can tailor and automate the process of release management as per your business needs.Our experts help your business automate,optimize and streamline workflows for faster deployments.

Product Reliability

Performance Optimization: We fine-tune systems to work better and faster, ensuring a smoother experience for your users. Downtime Reduction: By staying a step ahead with proactive measures, we cut down the annoying off-times, keeping your applications running smoothly.

AI-Driven DevOps

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, we smarten up your DevOps, speeding up issue detection and making data-driven improvements for a slicker, more efficient operation.

DevSecOps Services

Our DevSecOps consulting and implementation services offer continuous monitoring,assessment and analysis and identify any gap in the development process at the earliest and address them on priority. We run DevSecOps to execute thorough and end- to -end security integration through ‘Security as Code' mechanism.
Cutting-Edge DevOps Tools

We utilize an array of industry-leading tools categorized as follows:

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Overcoming DevOps Challenges
Enhanced Collaboration
Break down silos, fostering better communication and teamwork across development and operations.
Faster Market Deliveries
Streamline processes for quicker, more efficient delivery of products to market.
Robust Security
Integrate security measures from the get-go, promoting a secure development lifecycle.
Smooth Transformation
Navigate the shift to DevOps practices smoothly with our guided, holistic approach.
Operational Excellence
Achieve a high level of operational efficiency, setting a strong foundation for continuous improvement and business growth.

The Value We Add

Data Insights

Our DevOps practices have proven beneficial across industries:

  • 70% faster time-to-market through rapid continuous delivery. Improved stability and availability. Enhanced configuration management.

  • Quicker delivery of capabilities to customers. Greater focus on core product innovation.

  • Quicker delivery of capabilities to customers. Greater focus on core product innovation.

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Case Study

Neekan helped a healthcare SaaS company adopt DaaS to optimize its cloud deployment architecture and CI/CD pipeline

Problem Statement:

The customer needed more configuration management best practices, resulting in delays in meeting release commitments and needed a cloud architecture.

Neekan's Solution:

Analyzed product and designed a scalable AWS cloud deployment architecture Setup cloud environment with infra for security, scalability, monitoring and backup Designed and implemented automated CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes Enabled monitoring via CloudWatch to ensure availability

  • 70% faster time-to-market through rapid continuous delivery
  • Improved stability and availability
  • Enhanced configuration management
  • Quicker delivery of capabilities to customers
  • Greater focus on core product innovation


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